Street Vengeance  (PDF Format)
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Street Vengeance (PDF Format)

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Street Vengeance by Evie Rhodes (PDF Format)

Award-winning gospel songwriter and novelist Evie Rhodes delivers a powerful story of a tough, troubled, young woman who's creating her own brand of justice . . . Eighteen-year-old Brandi Hutchinson may not have money or status, but she's definitely got potential-MBA potential. She's smart, funny, focused, and caring. But all that changes one night after a rap concert when the L.A.P.D. beats her best friend Q, leaving him paralyzed. That night, Brandi is filled with a vengeance that transforms her from a nice young girl with a bright future into Los Angeles's most wanted woman-and the militant, insatiable leader of one of the fiercest female gangs in history. Fueled by rage, frustration, and bitterness, Brandi is soon unrecognizable-even to Q, who is now helpless to stop the escalating violence wrought by the girl he loves like a sister. Brandi's intellect and guts are still there, but she's no longer willing to use her power for good. Now it's going to take one more tragedy, and a force greater than she can imagine, to stop the war Brandi is fighting-within and without.

Evie Rhodes is the author of Expired, Criss Cross, Out "A" Order, and The Forgotten Spirit; an award-winning songwriter;and a music video scriptwriter. She wrote "Standing in da Spirit", which won a Canadian Music Award for Best Gospel Album, and scripted "Changed", which won for Best Gospel Music Video. Her musical contributions are aired on radio and television in the U.S. and in 168 countries around the globe. Evie has been interviewed and showcased in numerous television, radio, and print media features, and has been a featured writer in The Gospel Magazine.

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